Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Before WEN with regular shampoo

The other day I seen a video for WEN by Chaz Dean a celeberty hair stylist. I was interested in what I seen, so I ordered the product.
WEN is a cleansing conditioner that is not suppose to lather like normal shampoo and does not have all the chemicals that can strip your hair like normal shampoo. But how is it suppose to clean your hair if it is not shampoo? WEN cleans hair with natural cleansing oils and such. So it cleans while conditioning your hair.

I just got my order today and I am going to try it and see what I think. WEN claims that you will notice a change the first use making hair 70% stronger. See now, my hair is very damaged from bleaching and coloring and highlighting. To give you an idea of how badly damaged it is let me tell you that when I say it was bleached i mean it was bleached 4 times in less than 24 hours and then colored to the blonde I wanted. It was not the perfect color yet so I had highlights put in a week later. Now my hair breaks and falls out and looks like I shaved a cat ever time I brush my hair. It is also very normally cruly and frizzy and worse since coloring. If WeN works as claimed then it would be a major feat. I normally have to use two handfuls of conditioner and 4 other products and a flat iron to make my hair some what managable. And even then you can still tell how unhealthy my hair is.

I am excited to try this product and I hope that it works. I am posting a before pic and will post an after pic, as well as, every week.
                                                            Before and not happy about my hair

Stay tuned for updates.